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Laser MarkMachine equipped to factory

Laser MarkMachine equipped to factory

Mar 6,2019
Laser Marking Machine Equipped 
New Laser Marking Machine has equipped to our factory wash & package department, and the second one is on the way to factory.

Our factory used to mark/stamp by traditional punch machines to stamp. The punch machine works fast, stamp one piece of sprocket less than 1second, but there are several defects, one is very dangerous, may hurt workers when not careful enough, the other is can not fix once we made mistake.

Now, more and more factories starts to use Laser Marking Machine to stamp, marking part number, logo, date or anything like to mark on the products. Our factory also purchased a new Laser Marking Machine, replaced old punch machines.

By using laser mark machine, it mark whatever we input in the computer, avoid make mistakes; laser technology focus by 3 points, so it is impossible to hurt workers; laser mark depth about 0.03~0.05mm, would not hurt product.

Also attached a video about how we mark by this laser mark machine.
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