1.Long history in making sprockets and transmission parts.

2.Team experienced and stable.

3.special in sprockets,chain, transmission parts business.

Complete schedule

1.Own all kinds of Machines,equipments,inspection device.

2.Scheduled training schedule for everyone.

3.Complete organization and management.

Quality Control

1.Prode to be ISO9001:2008 registered Company.

2.All processing control under quality control system.

E.1 Mutual way communicate with customers.

2.Feedback customers intime.

3.customize manufacture and packing plan for . . .

Factory is strong

1.Provide all kinds of transmission parts and.

2.Good capacity, always delivery in time.

3.High and stable products quality, care of details.

Care of details

1.Pay special attention to all processing and products details. attention to products rust and protection.

3.Quality keep good after long distance transportation and long term reservation.

Senior Partner

1.Experienced and Stable team.

2.Long-term supplier for world famous company, For Drives, Kana, OCM etc.

Hangzhou Zhijiang Sprocket company located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Of China, the best sprocket factory in Hangzhou.

We are making Chain, sprockets, bushing, flange, shaft and other transmission parts. 90% of our products export to North America,

Europe,Japan,south America and some other district.

With 20 years experience on making transmission parts, we have become some world famous agri and construction companies' long term partener.

Zhijiang factory keeping working in response and act fast, better understanding customers' requirment, good communication, 

continue offer reliable quality products, and perfect delivery time and package. 

Zhijiang sprocket factory is your choice.


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